Safety is Our Standard

Tesla Medbed Inc. develops, and markets Over-the-Counter (OTC) medical devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy. These OTC devices are indicated for promoting blood circulation and reducing pain. Designed with utmost precision and advanced technology, these innovative devices generate a field of pure energy that can benefit individuals in numerous ways. Rest assured, Tesla Medbed devices have undergone rigorous testing and are proven to be safe for use by customers. By tapping into the natural life force energy that surrounds us, these medical devices provide a holistic approach to healthcare, aiding in rejuvenation, pain relief, and overall wellness. With Tesla Medbeds, individuals can experience the transformative power of this pure energy, enhancing their quality of life and unlocking their body's innate healing abilities.

tesla medbed usa
tesla medbed usa

Are there any known side effects with using this technology?

Tesla Medbed products have a completely safe track record. Life Force Energy is a naturally occurring substance that all biological systems produce and utilize at the cellular level for optimal wellbeing. Tesla Medbed medical devices generate a very concentrated field of Life Force Energy, offering an environment where the cells of the body can utilize this vital force of nature in much higher quantities than what is readily available otherwise. This is in an effort to support the body’s self-healing capacities with the essential energy that every cell needs to thrive.

By providing an environment whereby the body’s own innate intelligence can utilize Life Force Energy at will and as needed, Tesla Medbed medical devices do not cause any negative side effects. Our technology simply supports the body on a cellular level to carry out its functions as it would do naturally if enough vitality was available throughout the system. Life Force Energy is completely safe and as the cells absorb this natural vital force of nature more and more, they are able to recharge themselves and activate their own self-repair mechanisms.

Are there any contraindications?

Although Life Force Energy is a safe and naturally occurring energy, we do not yet recommend our products for pregnant women or children under 5 years of age as safety and efficacy studies have yet to be conducted on this group. Likewise, we also do not recommend the product to people in life-threatening or acute situations.

Life Force Energy is safe; however, our OTC medical devices were created to address chronic conditions for people who are in a stable physical, mental, and emotional state. Safety and efficacy studies have not been conducted on those in life threatening situations such as those hospitalized, someone who recently had a stroke or heart attack, or those with suicidal ideation. Tesla Medbed medical devices are intended for people in stable condition who have chronic unmet needs and no available effective therapy.

If you have been given an end-of-life prognosis, it is not our practice to recommend investing in the technology to those whose life force is likely depleted beyond a reasonable expectation of recovery. If someone near the end of their life decides to use any Tesla Medbed products, we the as device manufacturer, cannot be held responsible for the outcome if in fact someone with a limited life expectancy does still pass away. The person given an end-of-life prognosis and key family members can make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in Tesla Medbed products.

Everything that we do at Tesla Medbed is data driven, so until we have the data to support that our technology is safe and effective for the above-mentioned groups of people specifically, we do not yet recommend our devices for these situations. Please consult your physician whenever necessary regarding your health concerns and the use of our products.

How is Tesla BioHealing different from other energy-based technologies?

Tesla Medbed technology generates a field of pure Life Force Energy which does not need to be forced through the body via any type of frequency programming or vibratory mechanism. This allows the body’s innate intelligence to be in charge of the self-healing process, facilitating profound and rapid improvements in wellbeing, even in unexpected ways since there is always more going on within the intricacy of our cellular systems than current medical science can comprehend.

The cellular structures of the body already know how to interact with Life Force Energy, and when they have enough Life Force Energy available, they are able to uptake it naturally and activate their own self-repair mechanisms in order to begin functioning optimally. We rely on the body’s innate organizing intelligence to prioritize the utilization of Life Force Energy how your cells see fit, versus sending specific frequencies through the body at specific times.

Expanding upon Nikola Tesla’s original discoveries, Tesla Medbed OTC medical devices generate Life Force Energy in a completely unique manner. In fact, the way in which this Life Force Energy is generated is a technological and medical breakthrough, not requiring any electricity to achieve. These devices act independently of any mechanical or electrical energy source, therefore offering a safe and natural solution unlike any other.

Because there are no magnets or electricity involved in the generation of this Life Force Energy field our medical devices can be used even by those with a pacemaker or any kind of medical implant. Our products also serve as a very effective co-therapy and have been known to enhance the benefits of other forms of energy therapies or traditional medicine treatment courses.

In addition to being a safe and pure source of Life Force Energy, many experts in the field of energy medicine have stated that our medical devices provide the most profound wellbeing enhancement that they have experienced among the energy-based medicine products available today.